Mentra – Freedom to move

A new workout experience

We believe that everyone can make room for activity, conquer their everyday life and reach their goals.

With Mentra, we’re introducing a new workout experience that will be more accessible, more inspiring and more engaging than ever before.

Explore the great indoors

Workout live or 1-on-1 with your personal trainer

Missed a move - just rewind. Not a group person - train with your PT.

Motivating circles; close friends or entire cities

Train with friends in the same live workout or compete with others.

Guided programs crafted by our expert coaches

The structure and guidance you need in your fitness journey.

Interactive data reflected in real-time

Track your performance metrics and workout activity to stay motivated.

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Workouts for every move and mood:

Strength & Cardio, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Breathing & meditation, Yin yoga, Power yoga, Full body strength, Upper body strength, Legs & glutes, Arms, shoulders & chest, Core & back.
Do your favourite workouts without leaving home.
Do your favourite workouts without leaving home.
Get ready
A screen made to touch.
A screen made to touch.

Unique coaches. Just like you.

Hundreds of workouts with unique coaches and new content every week means there’s always something ready, when you are.